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Soter Driving keeps teenagers driving safe and parents remaining relaxed while providing valuable insights for constructive safe-driving conversations within families!

Safe Driving Benefits

Active Redirection

Soter Driving leverages cutting-edge eye-tracking technology to deliver a seamless focus-redirecting driving experience!

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Redirecting Audio Cues

Parents, you can rest easy! The Soter Driving app will alert your teenage driver through an audio cue if it detects they are distracted while driving, gently refocusing their attention on the road!

Eye-Tracking Technology

Our patent-pending eye-tracking technology leverages Artificial Intelligence to detect if you look away from the road in under a tenth of a second. Rest assured, you are in good hands!

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Distraction Types

Knowing what went wrong is the key to stopping distractions from happening again. So, whether you're looking down at your cupholder or a loud passenger in the backseat, we'll let you know!

Customizable Settings

Every driver is unique. Not only does our app have a customized calibration sequence for your particular vehicle, but you can also adjust the settings to get it to feel just right for you.

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Equip your teenager with Soter Driving today!

Reports & Analytics

The reporting capabilities of Soter Driving is captured by the

individual trip reports, weekly summaries, and lifetime statistics

Individual Trip Report

(1) Timestamp

We'll let you know what day and time a trip occured, so you have the context for the trip.

(2) Trip Score

Wondering how you did? The score quickly lets you know at a glance based on our calculations

(3) Distractions

You can easily see the total number of distractions during each trip.

(4) Type

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Wondering what happened when you were distracted? Whether it's down at your phone or in the backseat, we'll let you know what went wrong.

(5) Duration

Looking away from the road for 2 seconds is very different from 10 seconds. We track how long you looked away every time you were distracted

(6) Speed

Whether you're driving fast or slow, we'll let you know. Remember: both are dangerous!

Obtain valuable driving insights!

Meaningful Discussions

Understanding the trip reports is the first step to having productive, data-backed conversations with your teenage driver! Our statistcs are explained below!

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Trip Scores

A trip score is carefully calculated using various data points, such as the trip duration, number of distractions, and distraction durations. Most trips will receive a score between 75-90. Scores above 90 are excellent, and we suggest discussing with your teen if their score falls below 75.

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If Soter Driving cannot detect exactly what you are looking at when distracted, it will indicate the direction you are looking. For example, Soter Driving may sometimes report passenger distractions as "Right". If the driver is covering their face, Soter Driving reports that as "Face Covered".

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Trip Settings

The trip settings play a critical role in determining distractions, which affects the active redirection and reporting capabilities of Soter Driving. We recommend using Time to Ping values between 0.85 and 1.5, but feel free to outside of this range to be stricter or more lenient with distraction detection!

Have data-backed discussions today!

Your Impact - The Power of One


Within the household

Soter Driving starts within the family by improving one teen's driving!


Within the

high school

One safe driving teen inspires other safe driving teens and high schools!


Within the community

One safe driving high school leads to safe roads for everyone in the community!


Within the


One safe driving community leads

to a safe driving



Across the country and beyond!

One safe driving state is one step towards a safe driving nation!

Start your impact today with Soter Driving!

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