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Reduce Teenage

Distracted Driving

Introducing Soter Driving - a revolutionary mobile app that puts parents in the driver's seat of their teen's safe driving journey.


  • Audio cues - actively redirect the focus of distracted drivers in real-time!

  • Trip reports - track driving progress to facilitate safe driving discussions!

Shield your family from distracted driving and potential rate-raising wrecks!

Download Soter Driving from the App Store for free today! 


Prioritize your teenage driver's safety

Soter Driving Driver and Active Redirection

Active Redirection

Our active redirection technology engages with drivers by using audio cues to gently guide attention back to the road. When you use our app, we help keep your eyes on the road so you never miss a crucial moment.

Driving Reports

As a parent, your kid's safety on the road is a top priority. Our technology goes beyond just keeping their eyes on the road—it provides you with valuable information and detailed reports about their driving behavior and enables you to have informed conversations about safe driving practices and identify areas where they can improve.

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Soter Driving Eye Tracking Technology

Eye Tracking

Combining phone sensors and artificial intelligence, our app analyzes the driver's driving habits and assesses the level of attentiveness in real-time, enabling us to recognize the early warning signs of driver distraction and notify the user that their behavior is potentially dangerous through audio cues.

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How Does It Work?

After mounting the phone in a secure car phone mount, drivers should go through a quick calibration sequence. This helps the app know if the driver is distracted or not when driving!

Teens Calibrate the App to Their Car


Parents and teens download the app, create accounts, and join the same group! Joining the same group allows parents to see their teen's driving reports!

Parents and Teens Download the App


After securely mounting their phone, the driver can start a trip in the app before driving! The app is now on the lookout for distracted driving! If the app detects distracted driving, itt will play a gentle audio cue that serves as a reminder to focus attention back on the road!

Teens Drive with Soter Driving


After a trip, the driver's profile is updated to show the trip details, including distractions, their duration, and the vehicle's speed. A trip score, indicating how distraction-free it was, is also calculated. Weekly and lifetime reports are updated.


Those in the same group, like parents of teen drivers, can access this info to have constructive talks about safe driving practices!

Parents Review Driving Reports


Customer Testimonials

Melia, Mom of Teen

Soter Driving eased my worries when my teenager started driving. Knowing that he was driving responsibility meant the world to me. I'm so glad we're using Soter Driving in our family!

Erick, Teen Driver

After getting into a wreck, I started using Soter Driving, and it has helped me tremendously to stay focused on the road and build safe driving habits. 

Rick, Dad of Teen

Knowing that my teen is minimizing distractions while driving has been a game changer for my family. The real-time alerts for distractions provides a high level of accountability that gives me peace of mind.


A Better Approach to Driving Safety

With Soter Driving, your child receives real-time audio cues when their eyes look away from the road to safely redirect their attention. Our advanced analytics provide detailed insights to parents about their teenagers' distracted driving habits, allowing you to have constructive conversations about responsible driving. Our ability to address in-car distractions is unparalleled.


Give your teenage driver the guidance they need while providing you with the assurance of their safety behind the wheel. Download Soter Driving today for free and empower your family's journey towards a safer tomorrow.

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